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Owning a swimming pool can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Time spent outdoors with family is a gift to be cherished, we can help you enjoy that with repairs done professionally and scheduled quickly. Clear Choice Pool and Spa Service repairs almost everything having to do with your pool. If your system doesn’t look or sound right, give us a call we can come assess your pool. 

It would be such a relief if swimming pools were just concrete holes filled with water where we can just take a dip anytime without worrying about anything else. Swimming pools as we know them today, however, are a lot more complicated than that. For one thing, modern pools are run with equipment that makes swimming a lot safer, healthier, and enjoyable.

One look at a modern swimming pool and you will see that various machines and contraptions work together in its operation. Pool pumps, pool heaters, and pool filters are just some of the equipment that ensures a pool functions as it should.

However, it’s a fact that all types of equipment break down, and pool equipment is no exception. Fortunately, we at Clear Choice Pool and Spa Service are more than qualified to provide the best residential and commercial pool equipment repair Sacramento area residents like you deserve.

We are committed to providing you with the best customer service at a cost-effective price. Whatever your pool needs may be, call us today! One of our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will come out to help you with any pool equipment repairs, maintenance, and service needs. 

We specialize in the following pool equipment repair services:

Pool Pump Repair/Replacement

Your swimming pool’s water pump is the main component of the pool’s circulation system. The pump takes water from the pool through the main drain to the filter and returns it back to the pool. When the water pump is not working correctly, your beautiful pool is not able to properly filter and pump clean water, causing your pool to become dirty and potentially hazardous for swimming.

If you hear strange noises coming from the pump, or if the system cannot hold a prime very well, both are indicative of a problem that will need to be addressed. If your pool has an older water pump, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the new pump technology that lowers energy cost by up to 60%. Today’s new pumps can be programmed to run at variable speeds during the day and/or night. Variable speed pumps can significantly reduce the energy needed (thus the cost associated) with the filtration, cleaning, and circulation of your swimming pool. Variable speed pumps are also much quieter and last longer than traditional single-speed pumps.

If you are experiencing problems with your water pump, or feel that it’s time to upgrade your water pump to a new, energy-saving model, call us today. One of our trained professionals will come out and give you a consultation. Let us get your pool back to operating at optimal conditions!

Pool Heater Repair/Replacement

While a water heater may not be necessary for your pool at the height of summer in Northern California, you would be glad you have a functioning heater when the temperatures start dipping down in the winter, or you plan on spending time in your spa. Heating components can break down with little warning, generally failing without showing signs of wearing down. Our Heater specialist can evaluate your unit with a full inspection and make any recommended repairs.

Pool Cleaner Repair/Replacement

Anyone who owns a pool is grateful pool cleaners were invented, as they are constantly doing your pool’s “housework” for you! Automatic pool cleaners are a necessary supplement to a weekly total clean. However, when these cleaning machines break down, it can become a nightmare to find someone you trust to replace or repair it at a reasonable cost. At Clear Choice Pool and Spa Service, we believe in offering high-quality service that doesn’t break your monthly budget. We are ready and able to repair or replace any pool cleaner equipment you have that isn’t working.

Pool Light Repair/Replacement

Most pools have underwater lights to illuminate them. When these aren’t working, not only are you’re missing out on the ambiance this light brings, but you may be at risk for much more dangerous electrical problems. Our professional pool repair technicians can troubleshoot, and safely repair your underwater pool and spa lights. We can install incandescent light fixtures as well as LED lights and Color LED fixtures for energy savings and longer life.

Pool Filter Repair/Replacement

When you own a pool, having a working pool filter is extremely important. Your pool filter plays the same role as that of a human body’s liver, in that it filters your pool to keep debris from harming the system. When your pool filter is damaged or not functioning correctly, it is unable to do its job and can lead to damaging results. The first sign of a filter problem can be the pressure gauge consistently reading above 30psi. If your pool filter is having problems, call us today. We will come out and perform a full examination of the pool’s filtration system, pinpoint the problem, and make sure that it’s fixed as soon as possible.

Automatic Water Leveler Unit replacement or System Repairs

If your pool has an attached automatic water leveler with a float, its function is to keep the pool full of water. The system can leak at the hose bib where the Vac breaker is, the underground line to the pool, or at the leveler unit itself.  Over time Leaks can develop in any of these areas. Our technicians can determine where the leak is occurring and properly fix it.  If the leveler is found to have been damaged it can also be fully replaced.

Expect for us to quickly and accurately approach you with the various options for upgrading any outdated equipment, repairing broken pool equipment, or evaluating the functionality of your swimming pool’s equipment.  Should you require new equipment, we can provide it. If you need a repair for your existing equipment, we can assist with that as well!

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